Maine Indian Baskets
Passamaquoddy Native American Brown Ash Splint Basketry

By Passamaquoddy Weaver, Deborah Gabriel Brooks
    These lidded bowls are a must have for your collection!  
    The bowls have a pattern on the bottom of the basket which is exceptional.  Collectors beware -- you will fall in love with this

    The bowls are available in diameter sizes from 3" to 10"

I can't wait for you to try out my exciting line of heritage baskets in your home.  Collectors and Native Art enthusiasts will be
thrilled with the delicate and subtle use of golden braided sweetgrass.  You will enjoy the fine craftsmanship of these
exquisitely woven collectible art treasures.
Pay particular attention to the sweetgrass braided frog handles on each basket that enhance
and complete the traditional design.
Don't wait for the opportunity to welcome into your home one of my finest examples of timeless beauty.  
The stories these golden baskets tell are of timeless quality and appeal.
4 1/2 " Bowl   
  • Striped or Checkerboard
  • Sweetgrass Braid Frog
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    SEWING FLATS:  This is another favorite of collectors - very traditional baskets, available in diameter sizes 3" to 10" .  The
    sewing flats were originally made for the Victorian trade market to use for storing threads, embroidery floss, needles, buttons,
    and other sewing supplies which were greatly valued by the Victorian "ladies" of the turn of the century period.   They are
    similar to the collar baskets, and are made rather flat to hold supplies and other items that are easily accessible.

    These sewing flats are made in the traditional manner, with all sweetgrass braid, or woven with a striped or checkerboard
    design. They are sturdy, functional, and highly prized by collectors and basket enthusiasts. They are great for gift giving or that
    special place in your collection!  Don't wait on this style - you will love the sheer beauty of this timeless design.
5" Sewing Flat   
Deborah Brooks, Passamaquoddy Weaver
Phoenix, AZ
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