Maine Indian Baskets
Passamaquoddy Native American Brown Ash Splint Basketry

By Passamaquoddy Weaver, Deborah Gabriel Brooks
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WORKBASKETS:   This is a premier style basket - a traditional design with a unique cover that is woven free-style, with no mold -
as this cover is completely shaped by hand.  This basket comes in many designs, with lots of braided sweetgrass and a very
beautiful braided frog handle.  Size is 10 1/2" Diameter x 9-10" Tall, with braided handle.
Large Workbasket:  Traditional style workbasket,
with tightly woven braided sweetgrass and brown
ash.  Traditional frog handle completes this beautiful
basket.  This is a favorite of collectors!
If you are an avid collector, you will definitely want
one of these for display in your collection.