I can't wait for you to try out my exciting line of heritage baskets in your home.  Collectors and Native Art enthusiasts will be
thrilled with the delicate and subtle use of golden braided sweetgrass.  You will enjoy the fine craftsmanship of these
exquisitely woven collectible art treasures.
Pay particular attention to the sweetgrass braided frog handles on each basket that enhance
and complete the traditional design.
Don't wait for the opportunity to welcome into your home one of my finest examples of timeless beauty.  
The stories these golden baskets tell are of timeless quality and appeal.
Large Workbasket:  Traditional style workbasket,
with tightly woven braided sweetgrass and brown
ash.  Traditional frog handle completes this
beautiful basket.  This is a favorite of collectors!
These workbaskets can be made in natural, or
colored ash, with stripes, a checkered design or
various other designs.

They were originally made for storage of larger
items for the Victorian trade market and early

If you are a basket collector or native art lover,
you will definitely want one of these for display in
your collection.
Please call or email for pricing and
This basket style was originally used in the Victorian period to hold and protect men's detachable suit collars.
These are available in diameter sizes from 3" to 10".  
The traditional braided frog handle gives each collar basket a unique quality.  

This is a great basket style for your collection - and the range of sizes will suit your space perfectly!
8" Diameter Collar Basket
Call or email for pricing & availability
4 1/2 " Diameter Collar Basket  $300.00
6" Diameter Collar Basket   
    WORKBASKETS:   This is a premier style basket - a traditional design with a unique cover that is woven free-style, with no
    mold - as this cover is completely shaped by hand.  This basket comes in many designs, with lots of braided sweetgrass and
    a very beautiful braided frog handle.  Size is 10 1/2" Diameter x 9-10" Tall, with braided handle.
Maine Indian Baskets
Passamaquoddy Native American Brown Ash Splint Basketry

By Passamaquoddy Weaver, Deborah Gabriel Brooks
  • Sweetgrass braid handle        $200.00
*Call or email for availability
3 1/2" Diameter Collar Basket
  • Striped or Checkerboard
  • Sweetgrass braid handle

* Call or email for pricing & availability